We (Bhumi Solar) Deals with solar water heater that is designed to perform and excel in the work water quality (Hard water) and toughest environmental conditions.

Manufactured using the latest technology in our state of the art manufacturing plant and tested with our stringent quality testing facility, our solar water heater meets your water heating needs and bestows customers with a trouble free long lasting operations.

Ultra Tough Tank

Ultra tough cylindrical tank made from finest Galvanized steel. Its Ultra heat resistance coating protects against corrosion and ensures longer life.

Outer cover is 7 tank processed pure polyester powder coated made from GI which protect from UV and corrosion and ensure longer, service free life.

Ultra conductive Collectors

Ultra conductive Evacuated glass tube collectorsare coated with three layers Cu/SS/Al – N with world best magnetron sputtering ensures maximum heat absorption that delivers ample hot water even on cloudy days.


Specially designed stand made of GI using welding less technology. In house 7 tank process and Pure Polyester powder coating protect against corrosion and UV ensures longer life.

Available Capacities

100 LPD

150 LPD

200 LPD

250 LPD

300 LPD

500 LPD Compac

500 LPD Manifold

1000 LPD Manifold


Hot water storage tank is insulated by automatic machine injected high pressure and high density 50mm thick superior quality PUF which keeps water hot for longer time.

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